foto staff GM InternationalGM International is the result of 50 years of experience in the logistics sector, plus the force of a highly skilled and qualified staff.

It handles international shipping, local delivery and advanced logistics, its warehouses are equipped to handle dangerous or perishable goods, subject to restrictions or controls. As a Customs Operator, it offers full service to its customers in the execution of all administrative, bureaucratic and sanitary practices related to import and export of goods; GM International is a tax expert, and can solve any transport-related issues.

Its headquarter is in Lainate (MI), but it also operates directly in Asia, with three local offices (Taiwan, Shanghai, Seoul) and worldwide through top-level partners. Thanks to this global coverage, GM International is able to ensure secure shipments, to promptly respond to each and any change required in administrative practices, to interact directly with the local authorities for quick and proper execution of customs procedures and to easily manage even door-to-door yields.