GM International has always combined customs assistance with advanced logistics activities to offer its customers a complete service to support product imports and exports.

The new warehouse in Lainate, which covers an area of ​​5,500 square meters, is organized for efficient and safe physical and document management of the stock, it is equipped for the unloading of overhead pallets and de-consolidation of containers and it is divided into specific partitions to respond to the needs of different markets.

GM International warehouse is a bonded warehouse that acts as a VAT warehouse, goods in transit warehouse and foreign warehouse for temporary (A3) and direct custody (A4). The goods can therefore be held “in a foreign state”, as long as the Customers do not need to use them, thus benefiting from the deferred payment of VAT and customs duties

GM International’s warehouse is divided into different areas:

  • Pharma area, of which over two thirds at controlled temperature, equipped with monitoring systems for the storage and conservation of products and active substances, anti-intrusion systems and access control
  • ADR Goods area for almost all the envisaged classes, used for the storage of dangerous goods and subject to controls and restrictions
  • HACCP area, dedicated to the management of chemical products for the food and nutritional industry in compliance with Italian and European regulations
  • the remaining area, for other types of products.