GM International was founded in 2005 in Milan, when Flavio Malaterra decided to consolidate and develop the long-term experience as freight forwarder of his father Guido Malaterra, which started in 1956

From the foundation on, GM International has constantly extended the range of its services, focusing in specific markets, which require specific competences both on customs clearance procedures and in warehouse management of dangerous and perishable goods such as electronic components, food, chemicals, medical products and active principles.

GM International is Authorized Economic Operator, which means it enjoys better relations with the customs authorities through the Customers’ Client Coordinator and can therefore offer its customers a quick and complete support with all bureaucratic and administrative papers related to import and export of goods

GM International’s services include also logistics and shipping: the company, on behalf of its customers, organizes freight transports, selecting the most suitable means of transport and organizing consolidated shipments to reduce the total costs for its customers. Having offices in the most important international Hub such as Taipei, Shanghai and Seoul, GM International can constantly check the status of freight shipping and solve any possible issue on time.

The brand new 5.500 sqm warehouse in Lainate is conceived to manage the stock both physically and administratively and is divided in specific areas:

  • Area Pharma, with 2/3 at controlled temperature, monitored to guarantee the correct stocking and maintenance of pharmaceutical products and active substances and to secure from unauthorized accesses or intrusions
  • ADR Area, dedicated to all dangerous goods and products, which have to be stocked according to specific law requirements
  • HACCP Area, dedicated to chemicals for food, and nutritional industry, certified according to national and European laws
  • Area for other types of goods.

All the warehouse is certified as bonded warehouse, so it’s possible to customers to delay customs clearance until the goods are required for production.

Last but not least, GM International participates ad speaker in several workshops and classes about customs procedures and import-export regulations