GM International  has a long-time expertise on customs clearance assistance: two members of its team are certified professionals and one is a dedicated resource with many years of experience in customs support.

Latasped is GM International’s Business Unit, which is specifically devoted to support customers throughout all the steps of import-export processes: from the right goods classification, to the right calculation of duties and taxes, from temporary imports and exports, goods in transit, customs warehousing, to direct tracking on every open procedure

Main areas of support are:

  • Binding Tariff Information: support to customers in defining the correct tariff classification and in the management of the procedures necessary for obtaining the Binding Tariff Information, which will then be included in the customs declarations relating to the commercial import / export of products.
  • TARIC: thanks to a management system that updates in real time the information coming from the AIDA site of the Italian Customs Agency related to TARIC, the integrated Tariff of the European Union, GM International guarantees customers the correct goods classification, the application of national and community regulations and the right calculation of duties and taxes.
  • Assistance in customs procedures: GM International undertakes, on behalf of its Customers, to carry out all the practices inherent in any customs procedure, including temporary imports and exports, goods in transit, customs warehousing, processing under customs control, temporary admission. Furthermore, being an AEOF operator, it also offers the possibility of taking advantage of the domiciled assessment procedure, saving on parking costs at customs.
  • INTRASTAT: GM International guarantees the management of all the formalities related to the presentation of declarations related to intra-Community trade, both for purchase and for sale. Thanks to experienced and qualified staff, which supports customers in compiling the lists required by law and thanks to the EDI connection, it is able to transmit them directly to the Customs Agency, thus offering a safer and faster service.
  • Special Products: GM International provides support in all phases related to the clearance of goods, including possible inspections, control practices for perishable goods, dangerous or subject to restrictions. The Lainate warehouse is HACCP certified, therefore it is suitable for the temporary storage of goods in warehouses that comply with legal requirements. Thanks to its many years of experience in electronic components and in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, GM International is also able to manage the clearance and handling of potentially dangerous or particularly critical substances such as: products subject to the CITES Convention, chemical products, electronic components, products subject to specific restrictions.