In the last decades, the electronic industry has constantly grown, thanks to the impressive number of applications both in the industrial world and in people’s everyday life: from smartphones to electric cars, from automated warehouses to domotic houses, electronics entered in deep in our lives, becoming essential in production and fruition of goods and services.

Any possible delay in provision of electronic products and components, has a serious impact on the whole production chain, therefore it’s necessary to find the best logistic expert, who are able to make the whole process quick and safe.

GM International has been dealing with electronic products for many years. Some of its customers are eminent players in the ICT and electronic industry, whom GM international provides shipping support mainly from Asia, fast and secure customs clearance and warehouse management.

In the Lainate warehouse a portion of the total surface is dedicated to electronic products and components, mainly those subject to law restrictions and controls. Managing this kind of products requires a permanent update on the regulations in force and a scrupulous behaviour by all employees, that’s why continuous trainings and quality check are always a priority for GM International team

Last but not least, GM International can manage the stock on behalf of its customers with EDI sysstems and allocations defined on single references.

Having offices in Shainghai, Taipei and Seoul, allows GM Inerntaional to track all shipments directly and to act on time in response to any possible issue, thus offering its customers the highest possible flexibility even on intercontinental shipments.