GM International Single Administrator provides this document, in order to define the Policy for Corporate Quality and the related goals and tasks.

GM International S.r.l offers international shipping services and services related to the handling of customs formalities in the import / export of goods on customer’s specific request and stands out as a cutting-edge company for speed, efficiency and flexibility, thanks to the commitment and skills of its employees.

Therefore GM International S.r.l aims at offering its customers high quality services, which go beyond the shipment itself and stretch to full assistance and consultancy in the field of logistics, transportation, delivery, storage and any services related to customs clearance of foreign goods, including customs and VAT deposit.

Our main goal is to strengthen and develop our position in the market, through a continuous improvement in our offering, in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Our first task is the creation and maintenance of procedures, which help our organization in defining clear and efficient operations and communication processes, so that we are able to check and improve every stage of our service offering, thus facilitating the achievement of both personal and company goals.

GM International Single Administrator is determined to increase brand awareness, through crystal-clear communication towards customers, high professionalism and unmistakable and personal style.

Being aware of the importance and responsibility of what above mentioned and having identified the organizational solutions within the Company, the Single Administrator of GM International S.r.l decided to implement and maintain a Quality Management System accomplishing the ISO 9001: 2015 prescriptions and the Guidelines on good distribution practice (GDP) of medicinal products for human use issued on 5th November 2013 (ex art 84, art 85 ter, par 3, EEC Directive 2001/83).

The Company Quality System is also fully integrated with all the other systems within the Company, such as:

  • AEO certified system for customs compliance;
  • IATA Certified system for safe shipment of air cargo;
  • GDP certified system for shipment and delivery of pharma products (G.D.P. (Good Distribution Practice) certification pursuant to the guidelines of the European Commission of 5/11/2013)
  • Certified system for the management and control of the storage of pharmaceutical and API-type materials in accordance with the guidelines “Good practice in the distribution of active substances for the manufacture of medicinal products for human use” 19/03/2015)

Given the above, GM International S.r.l aims at constantly improve its efficiency, services, communication, and skills and above all the motivation and engagement of its team.

Being aware of the importance and responsibility of what above stated, the Single Administrator of GM International S.r.l is committed to implementing, maintaining and improving the current Company Quality System.

Flavio Malaterra

Single Administrator of GM International S.r.l.