GM International boasts decades of experience as a customs operator and is therefore able to support customers in the correct management of exports, allowing its customers to avoid penalties or even just delays in evading customs procedures.

During 2022, GM International managed around 3,000 shipments abroad (sea, air and road), which produced a turnover of €6.6 million, equal to 19.3% of total turnover.

Services offerred by GM International include:

Export customs consultancy

Advice on dual use goods (DUAL USE)

these are goods that can also be used in the military sector and for which the legislation provides for specific export restrictions or even bans. GM International guides the customer in identifying the correct category both in TARIC System (combined nomenclature) and in the ECCN classification, it also gives indications on possible restrictions related to destination countries. The exporter, can therefore prepare the correct documentation, based on the specific characteristics of each product.

Goods classification consultancy

GM International is equipped with a management system that updates in real time all the information coming from the AIDA site of the Italian Customs Agency. It can support customers in identifying the correct TARIC / Tares classification code or, when needed, in the procedure for requesting / renewing the BTI (Binding Tariff Information)

Incoterms consultancy

Incoterms refers to specific acronyms, agreed at an international level, which refer to the import-export contractual terms to define the rights and duties of the various legal entities involved in an exchange of goods from one state to another other. Ultimately, they indicate what the costs are to be borne by the seller (exporter), including insurance costs. GM International helps customers to choose the best options for transporting goods and the best contractual conditions, based on their specific needs.

Insurance coverage

GM International provides specific advice on the insurance coverage necessary for the export of goods.

Moreover, GM International is IATA agent, it has directly access the air transport system to accelerate shipments procedures. Furthermore Latasped, GM International Business Division located in Malpensa, can quickly solve any export problem that may arise in the airport area.

GM International is Authorized Economic Operator (AEOC certification) and is therefore subject to fewer customs controls; benefits from priority treatment of shipments, if selected for customs control; enjoys better relations with the customs authorities through the Customs Client Coordinator and can therefore guarantee customers shipments in less time and greater immediacy in solving problems.

Latasped, the business division of GM International, manages of all the formalities related to the submission of customs declarations connected to INTRASTAT exchanges, both in purchase and in sale. A team of qualified professionals supports Customers in compiling the Lists required by law and, thanks to the EDI connection, is able to transmit them directly to the Customs Agency, thus offering a safer and faster service. (more information on )

Logistic support

Internal customs

GM International warehouse is a customs warehouse, it is therefore possible to clear the export goods before the delivery to the carrier, so as to have proof of the exit of the goods from European territory / MRN discharge (Movement Reference Number) otherwise difficult to obtain.

Goods subject to restrictions

Thanks to many years of experience gained in the field of electronic components and in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector, GM International is able to manage customs clearance and take charge of special or potentially dangerous products as well as of critical substances such as:

  • products subject to the CITES convention
  • chemical products
  • electronic components
  • products subject to specific restrictions


GM verifies the packaging suitability for specific goods and/or transports and, when necessary,  they inform the customer of the unsuitability or provides a packaging service by means of third parties collaboration.


GM International organizes, in the name and on behalf of its customers, shipments to all major national and international destinations, including door to door, thanks to the presence of a widespread network of specialized partners.

GM International’s experts help customers choose the best solution for each shipment of goods and products, suggesting the most suitable means of transport and organizing the possible consolidation of shipments in the Lainate warehouse, thus guaranteeing customers quick and safe shipments with an excellent quality / price ratio.

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