ICS2 enters the third phase.

ICS2 is the acronym for Import Control System 2, the new version of the control system for goods entering the European Union, which aims at generating a more structured data flow related to imports of goods from outside EU, in order to make customs security checks more effective, thus blocking dangerous goods and facilitating legitimate trade.

The ICS2 process began in 2021 but, given its complexity, its implementation was submitted to three releases:

  • Release 1 started in March 2021 and involved postal operators and express couriers by air. From then on they had to transmit to the ICS2 system the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) before boarding the goods on the aircraft (PLACI), in order to carry out security checks.
  • Release 2, which began in March 2023, extended the data transmission obligation for all goods entering the European Union by air.
  • Release 3, which will go live on 3rd June 2024, further extends the obligation to all goods entering by ship, train or truck.

As specified by the European Commission, this third phase is divided into different Deployment window by transport mode:

  • 3 June 2024: maritime and inland waterways carriers 
  • 4 December 2024: maritime and inland waterways house level filers 
  • 1 April 2025: road and rail carriers 

How to prepare

To meet their ENS data filing obligations, operators will need to update their IT systems and business process and provide adequate training to their staff.

Additionally, they will have to run the mandatory self-conformance testing before their start of operation. For the detailed procedure, please check the Self-conformance testing Organisation document.