Barentz Italia S.p.A. imports and distributes, in the B2B sector, ingredients, raw materials, intermediates and products for different types of markets: food, cosmetics, dietary, pharmaceutical and industrial.

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We asked Matteo Pirovano, Logistic Manager of Barentz Italia S.p.A., to illustrate the main logistical challenges of the Company and how, over the years, the support of GM International made it possible to overcome them.

The logistical management of our business is particularly complex: each market we address has specificities in terms of product management and reference regulatory frameworks, therefore transports must be organized, from time to time, according to commercial needs and the characteristics of the product, it can be carried out by ship, by plane or by truck in different combinations.

Sometimes the goods are classified as dangerous and therefore their transport must undergo the ADR transport regulations, in other cases – i.e., for chemical or pharmaceutical products – it may be necessary to organize transports at controlled temperature from the pick-up point up to the last destination.

Another crucial aspect of logistics management is the coordination of all logistics and service partners so that all end customers’ requests are satisfied. Among these we can mention, as an example, the pallets composition and weight, special labelling, deliveries and unloading schedule.

As you can see, the choice of the right logistics partners is fundamental for Barentz Italia S.p.A..

We have been working together with GM International for 10 years. It all started in 2013 with the acquisition of the company Prochifar s.r.l., which had already made use of their services for several years.

GM International has proved to be a very important strategic partner in supporting the growth and evolution of our business, thanks to its approach aimed at continuous improvement and optimization of the services they offer.

Their fast and competent support helped us both to consolidate our historical trades and to increase our business.

Moreover, the relationship between Barentz Italia S.p. A. and GM International has grown through the years because of the very high quality of their services, and their teams, each one dedicated to a specific type of transport, so that they can always offer rapid and competent support in dealing with issue and criticality.

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