On May 24th, the Antitrust Authority (AGCM), after having examined the application for the attribution of the legality rating filed by GM International on April 19th 2023, based on the declarations made, as well as on the outcome of the evaluations carried out, resolved to assign GM INTERNATIONAL S.R.L. the Legality Rating with the following score: ★★.

The legality rating is an indicator of compliance with high legality standards by companies that have requested it.

It is a tool introduced in 2012 by the Italian Government aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behaviour in the corporate sphere, through the assignment of an “acknowledgement” – measured in “stars” on a scale from ★ to ★★★ – which indicates the compliance with the law by the companies that have requested it and, more generally, the degree of ethical attention in the management of their business.

There are some required requisites, which are directly linked to compliance with the law, i.e. it is essential not to have undergone precautionary and/or patrimonial measures, or convictions, and some additional requisites, that make it possible to increase the rating. These include the use of payment traceability systems, even for amounts lower than those established by law, the adoption of organizational processes aimed at guaranteeing forms of Corporate Social Responsibility, adherence to self-regulation codes of ethics adopted by trade associations.

The legality rating therefore tends to give a measurement of the Company’s ethical behaviour and this, in addition to giving some advantages in the granting of public loans and facilitations for access to bank credit, guarantees to all company stakeholders the honesty of the company at all levels.