Melchioni is an Italian company which has been selecting and distributing electronic and industrial products, components and solutions for over 75 years.

In a world where technology is increasingly pervasive and electronics permeate most of daily activities, the distributor’s role is crucial: it has to be able to find the best solutions on the global market and make them available to customers through an effective and efficient supply chain.

When you have over 100,000 items in your catalogue and serve over 10,000 customers throughout Europe, as in the case of Melchioni, logistics is certainly the Company’s focal point.

We asked Michele Busnelli, Group procurement & product Manager and Andrea Alvisi, Group Logistics Manager of Melchioni to tell us what the main critical issues have been in logistics management in recent years.

Covid marked the beginning of a period of great turbulence in the logistics sector, specifically for sea and air transports. The blockage of ports and the lack of containers have impacted on shipments, which suffered delays and cancellations. Not only the timings but the prices too went up and that was problematic.

In all of this, what was the support of GM International?

The relationship between Melchioni and GM International began more than twenty years ago and has consolidated over time thanks to GM’s reactivity in managing very complex situations, and solving a series of tricky problems.
In a situation like the one described above, it is essential to have a partner like GM International, which supports us above all for services to Far East Countries, where culture, legislation and bureaucracy are not easy for us to understand and where document management of shipments is particularly critical.

In all these years GM International has supported, with its logistics services, the evolution of our business, thanks to a profound expertise in the electronics sector, which allows us to rely on them, knowing they will properly manage all kind of electronic materials and components.

Overall, we can say that it is a collaboration between parties, which has its foundations on mutual understanding and trust. The human side that leads us to work as a cohesive team is very evident and marked.