new GM International headquarters

On 12 July, GM International changes its operational headquarters and moves its offices and warehouse to Via Juan Manuel Fangio 11 in Lainate within the Innova Business Park logistics hub.

In the new headquarters, the warehouse will have a total area of ​​5,500 square meters divided between:
Pharma area, of which over two thirds at controlled temperature, equipped with monitoring systems for the storage and conservation of products and active ingredients, anti-intrusion systems and access control
ADR Goods area for almost all the envisaged classes, excluding explosives, used for the storage of dangerous goods, with positioning on the ground for flammable products and dedicated locations on the shelf for other products subject to restrictions
HACCP area, varying in size according to customer needs, dedicated to the management of chemical products for the food and nutritional industry in total safety and in compliance with Italian and European regulations,
• the remaining area, for other types of product.
All of this also in the customs area, with the possibility of holding goods abroad.

The HACCP, GDP and active substances certifications ensure full compliance with current regulations and the suitability of the warehouse for the treatment of perishable or restricted goods.

The entire site will be equipped with the best security and access control systems, to ensure the storage of products in protected, burglar-proof and fire-resistant environments and to ensure the highest standards of health and safety for all operators.

In order to reduce the environmental impact, the new GM International warehouse will be illuminated with LED technology to reduce consumption and to allow light intensity and heat control.

To ensure maximum efficiency in goods loading and unloading process, there are six tippers and two loading ramps to allow rapid handling of goods in complete safety for operators.

The new offices of GM International will be positioned above the warehouse, covering 650 square meters, organized according to the offered services and in order to offer all employees and visiting customers a welcoming, comfortable work environment that can favor the exchange of information as well as the privacy of each operation.

As an add-on temperature-controlled vehicles will be available for the transport of goods from the GM International warehouses in Lainate and from those located in Malpensa Cargo City for final distribution.