Some years ago the University of Castellanza gave life to an Observatory to evaluate the real value of the many warehouses present in Italy.

The survey is based on 50 closed questions to collect all the info, to define each warehouse functionallity, i.e. the capability of that building to be efficiently used as warehouse, and the quality of each warehouse according to the position, the building structure, the external area, the offices, the security devices.

warehouse quality LIUC observatory

Among all the reviewed warehouses, 70% are used as stocking facilities, 13% are used for cross-docking activities and 17% are a mix of those two main functions.

48% of the analyzed panel has a 4 star rating, only 10% reach the 5 star rating.

warehouse quality LIUC observatory

The warehouse of GM International is mainli a cross-docking warehouse: the company is specialized on  fresh and perishable goods handling as well as on dangerous and restricted goods which cannot be stocked for long time. Most of all, GM International is a customs operator, that’s why the logistic approach is fast and secure: goods transit in the warehouse for administrative purposes, but only few are phisically put on the shelves, all the others are imediately shipped to the end-customer. This allows GM International to ensure faster deliveries.

Thanks to its longlife experience and to a perfect coordination between physical and informative flows, GM International has obtained a 4 star rating according to LIUC system of evaluation.
Specifically GM International warehouse is above the average as for external areas and location, and it has marked an average score on internal areas and building structure.

This is a very good results, considering that most of the other reviewed warehouses are huge and used for goods stocking. Nevertheless GM International wants to get an even better result and that’s why in the coming weeks they will start a renewal of the plants with a more digitalized approach