waste managementAt the end of the year, an old italian tradition has it that old things are thrown out of the window to make room for new ones. Fortunately, however, it seems that this tradition has less and less follower, both to avoid unpleasant incidents, and to fulfill the regulations regarding waste disposal.

We all know the importance of separate waste colletcion to activate the virtuous circle of recycling-reuse and the relevance of waste reduction, but, beyond the civic sense, recycling  and waste management are now ruled by specific laws with high fines for those who do not comply with them.

Companies must pay particular attention, above all at the end of the year, when, for economic and fiscal reasons, they “clean” the stock in warehouses. The obsolete material cannot simply be brought to the landfill. It is first necessary to understand what material it is.

Electric or electronic waste, for example, must be disposed of, according to Legislative Decree. 49/2014 in implementation of directive 2012/19 / EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). The waste must be identified according to the 6-digit codes defined in the C.E.R. list 2002, which provides 20 different classes of waste depending on the production cycle upstream of the waste itself. If it is hazardous waste, it is necessary to keep a specific Loading and Unloading Register and to present the yearly Unique Environmental Declaration Model.

Failure to comply with legal obligations can lead to heavy administrative and pecuniary sanctions and, in case of environmental crime, even criminal penalties that can lead to arrest.

Not all companies have the skills to correctly manage these procedures and it is therefore necessary to rely exclusively on intermediaries, transporters and plants with the necessary certifications for the correct treatment and disposal of waste.

GM International is able to provide specific advice to all customers who have doubts about how to properly dispose of end-of-year stocks, directing them to qualified third parties, which are able to guarantee the highest quality standards.