GM International is a solid Italian business reality, which operates as an “international” freight forwarder, with an office in Lainate, three offices in Asia (Taipei, Shanghai and Seoul) and a network of highly qualified partners, present throughout the world.

The role of the international freight forwarder is mainly to organize goods transports, in the name and on behalf of the Customer. It deals with all the necessary customs and fiscal practices, the retrieval of the most suitable means of transport and, when handling small batches of goods, the consolidation of shipments at one’s own warehouse. Furthermore, the shipper indicates to the Customer how to correctly classify the goods based on the tariff codes in force, checks the correctness of the commercial documents issued by importers and exporters of goods and finally signs in name and on behalf of the customer customs bills and any accessory customs certificates.

GM International warehouse

GM International has been doing this for years, with proven professionalism and excellent customer service guaranteed by a certified Quality Management System according to the most stringent standards. This has allowed GM International to obtain several important certifications: AEOC Certification, which allows priority treatment with the Customs Authorities, GDP certification for the transport and storage of medicines for human use, HACCP certification for the management of chemical products for the food and nutrition industry.GM International Malaterra and Furio

GM International is now structuring itself to guarantee its Customers an additional level of service, which combines the above with the logistics management of goods, including the management of physical and document stock, the registration of incoming and outgoing goods at single pert number level and the communication of data to customers via EDI.

To do this, GM International has reorganized the Lainate warehouse, increasing the useful surface storage capacity by approximately 30%, equal to about 2000 square meters, it has purchased new goods handling equipment, it has added new professional figures and September it will start specific training courses on logistics management and stock rotation.

Gianni Furio, a professional with many years of experience in the transport and logistics sector with previous experiences at Zust-Ambrosetti, Artoni, Fercam and Trasporti Ximenes, will lead the logistics, responding directly to Flavio Malaterra, CEO of GM International.

As Malaterra stated “GM International’s philosophy has always been to offer the best customer experience to all our clients and to base our growth on the personal and professional development of our entire work group, with the capability to insert new key figures every time we need it”.

The new GM International warehouse will be fully operational in September 2019