Deimos Group is a group born from the aggregation of several companies with a long tradition of distributing ingredients and products for different types of markets: food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, zootechnics, agriculture, industry.

Each of these markets has specificities in terms of product management and reference regulatory frameworks and as far as the chemical/pharmaceutical sector is concerned, Deimos has for some years chosen GM International as its logistics partner.

We asked our customers Beatrice Rossi and Valeria Carpenzano to tell us how this collaboration was born and how it has developed over time.

We knew GM International, as a customs operator, but it was during the Covid-19 pandemic that our working relationship consolidated. Faced with the growing criticalities in the management of the supply chain from non-EU countries, GM International has proven to be a reliable and timely partner in adequately satisfying our needs“.

In the pharmaceutical field, there are specific provisions of the law, among which compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines relating to production and the GDP (Good Distribution Practices) guidelines relating to distribution is mandatory.

The GDP guidelines provide, for example, for the continuous control of the temperature from collection to delivery, the use of special means of transport, the presence of special temperature-controlled areas inside the storage warehouses. All this in order to ensure that the characteristics of the substance are maintained, in order to prevent it from undergoing variations that could negatively affect the quality of the product.

GM International, as attested by the various certifications obtained, has all the necessary requiremens to scrupulously carry out the activities concerning the customs clearance, transport and storage of our products”.
In addition to the essential logistical activities, speed and precision in the management of all customs procedures related to trade with EU and non-EU countries is essential.

GM International guarantees the success of non-EU imports, providing an exhaustive ad hoc consultancy service on each product and a punctual and efficient management of the activities entrusted to it, and the results is always excellent. We can say that this collaboration was born and developed on some common principles: in the first place, attention to the needs of the customer and therefore the knowledge and compliance with all current regulations“.

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