custom decisions and rulesAs of 2 October 2017, new arrangements for applying for customs decisions came into force, therefore economic operators will have to introduce all new applications for customs decisions or authorisations electronically and according to the new UCC requirements, connecting to the EU Trader Portal


The UCC establishes the principle that “all exchanges of information, requests, or decisions between customs authorities, or between economic operators and customs authorities, and the storage of such information, as required by customs legislation, shall be carried out by means of computerized procedures.”

All applications, both those directly defined by customers and those whose presentation is delegated to custom declarants, will be submitted by telematic tools and the custom office in charge will manage and release the related acts, through the Custom Decision Management System (CDMS), within 30 days from the presentation

There are several applications, which undergo this new procedure, as described in the picture below. They can also directly impact on importers, who possess an EORI number and the appropriate roles assigned to access the system.

CDS applications


EU Trader Portal system for customs purposes is accessible using this link


A new Model for Authorization (MAU) has to be used to access both the services provided at national level through the PUD (Portale Unico Dogane) and those provided at European level through the EU Trader Portal. The MAU introduces the role of the “Manager” (i.e your Custom declarant), who is responsible to manage all the authorizations.